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Amit Das is the new Senior Manager, Strategy & Research for LuMind IDSC Foundation.

Amit Das

Senior Manager, Strategy & Research


Bachelor of Arts, Harvard College

Currently working towards a master’s degree from William James College

Amit brings his experience in biotech, healthcare, and finance to the LuMind IDSC Research Team to help execute our research and advocacy mission.

Before joining LuMind IDSC, Amit helped manage the administration and accounting of Omar’s World of Comics, an entertainment center in Lexington, MA with a mission to provide vocational training to youth with intellectual disabilities in a safe, inclusive, and fun environment. He has also worked as an analyst for Bain Capital Life Sciences and as a corporate strategy intern at Biogen.

Amit brings a personal connection to the LuMind IDSC mission. He has an older brother, Rohan, who is 37 years old and has Down syndrome.

Fun fact!
Amit played center for his high school football team for three years despite weighing 160 pounds at the time. He also has a three-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle/Jack Russel Terrier mix named Milly.