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Connect with other individuals with Down syndrome
and their families by joining our Facebook groups.

Adoptive Families Support

For parents that have adopted children with Down syndrome

Babies and Toddlers

For parents who have a child with Down syndrome that is newborn to 4 years old


For those with a loved one with Down syndrome to connect with other families

Conexión en Español

Conectar a la gente de habla hispana que tienen hijos con Sindrome Down


For connecting with other dads that have a child with Down syndrome

Dual Diagnosis

For those with a loved one with Down syndrome and another diagnosis


For certified teachers & assistants who work with children with Down syndrome

Friends and Family

For those with a friend or family member who has a loved one with Down syndrome


For grandparents of individuals with Down syndrome to seek support

Love and Loss

For parents and loved ones who have loved and lost someone with Down syndrome

Pre-K and Elementary

For parents who have a child with Down syndrome in Pre-K through elementary school

Pre-teens, Teens, and Adults

For parents and caregivers of preteens, teens and adults with Down syndrome

Prenatal Diagnosis

For those who experienced a prenatal or potential diagnosis of Down syndrome

Research and Medical Care

For individuals to stay up-to-date on Down syndrome research and medical care

Self Advocates

For people with Down syndrome to connect with peers and form friendships


For those who have a sibling who has Down syndrome

Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease

For parents and caregivers of loved ones with Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease