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Alzheimer’s Disease


For Families

Enfermedad de Alzheimer

Sleep Apnea

For Researchers

LuMind IDSC’s research priorities focus on medical conditions that disproportionately impact people with Down syndrome, such as Down syndrome related Alzheimer’s disease and sleep apnea. In addition, we support research projects in areas leading to increased independence and cognition for people with Down syndrome, including gene therapies.

What sets LuMind IDSC apart is the work we do to support clinical trials in the Down syndrome population. Establishing a durable and flexible structure that will allow people with Down syndrome to be included in clinical trials is a multi-step process. To that end, LuMind IDSC currently supports:

We focus on translational research. Our research strategy is rooted in ongoing collaboration and consultation with government agencies, research institutions, clinical practitioners, life science and pharmaceutical companies, and, most importantly, the Down syndrome community.

At the core of our research strategy are individuals with Down syndrome, their caregivers, and loved ones. Community readiness and participation are the key to achieving therapeutic, medical, and diagnostic advances for all.

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Research Glossary: Useful Terms to Understand the Science

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