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Katherine Connell

Katherine Connell

Chief Operating Officer

As the Head of Operations at Rescue the Behavior Change Agency, Katherine kept staff and the business running smoothly by leading initiatives in organizational process, systems, operational financial management, business strategy, human resources, and more.

She supported the company in its mission to promote healthy behaviors within at-risk communities by creating an ecosystem in which staff could thrive and work efficiently.

Katherine aligns with LuMind IDSC’s mission to empower persons with Down syndrome to reach their fullest potential. Using her 10+ years of operational expertise, she will centralize LuMind IDSC’s systems, processes, policies, financials and other resources to create a flexible yet comprehensive environment where staff can focus on the work rather than how the work gets done.

Fun fact!
Katherine has a black belt in Shaolin Kenpo and once took a break from the corporate world for two years to teach martial arts professionally.