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We are driven by our core values of community, collaboration, trust, learning, excellence, innovation and focus. As a team, we strive every day to live by those values.


We serve, include, empower, listen to, and connect with the Down syndrome community.
We work diligently and urgently to address their unmet needs.


We believe that trust in our Team, in the Community, and in our Collaborators, are fundamental to our work and advancing our mission. We aspire to be transparent, authentic, respectful and always act with integrity.


Working together with community volunteers, like-minded organizations, industry sponsors, researchers, clinicians and government institutions (such as the NIH) we can achieve more and advance more rapidly.


We listen, keep an open mind, and are driven by data. We follow the science, as we endeavor to continuously improve our work and our impact.


We seek to work with determination, urgency and focus, and we narrow our efforts to the most significant and impactful projects to address the unmet needs of our community.


We constantly attempt to create, adapt and innovate, through game-changing science, better engagement with our community, and securing resources to fund our initiatives.


We strive for the highest quality in science and all we do, with consistent delivery and follow-through.