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tmed marathon

Amaury Schoon

ASchoon IMG 6886After running the 2021 NYC marathon, I promised myself, and my legs, to never run a marathon again. I told my wife that the only way I would ever run a Marathon ever again would be if one or both of our 9 months twin girls at the time would one day be into running and ask me to run one with them. I honestly thought I was safe for at least 15 years.

But when my friend Adam Litvack told me he was running the 2022 Chicago Marathon to support the LuMind IDSC Foundation, that’s all the motivation I needed to dig up my running shoes, start training and create this page to raise money for LuMind myself as well as create awareness for this great cause.

LuMind IDSC Foundation actively works in taking the ‘dis’ out of ability by creating a network of individuals within the Down Syndrome community, and providing families with additional resources, medical care options, and overall support.

My goal is to raise $6,000. Any donation is greatly appreciated, and every dollar helps LuMind IDSC Foundation to achieve their mission. Thank you all in advance for your support and please come see and cheer me at the event. I know NYC is really cold in November but seeing smiling and friendly faces truly helps.