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tmed marathon

Emmanuel Tessier

etessierI am Emmanuel Tessier. I am 58 years old. I ran the NYC MARATHON for LuMind IDSC 3 years ago. We all went to New York! I have a son named Jean Baptiste. He is 23 years old. He has a difference in the 17th chromosome with a little deletion.

I was so happy when I discovered that people share the same ideas all over the world for our children. Helping them to grow up so they can become adults making their own choice being part of the society. So when I received a message from LuMind IDSC for raising funds a second time I said, YES !!!

Jean Baptiste got a job à year ago working as a kitchen assistant. He is doing well. We are so proud and we thank people who gave him his chance!

etessier 4

So I am sure friends, colleagues, and everyone will contribute to help and support the important work of LuMind IDSC! I still have to train a little bit more but looking forward to crossing the finish line!

Thank you!