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tmed marathon

Jacqueline Steiner

JSteinerPhoto4Running has always been therapeutic for me, and I am fortunate to fall into the category of the people that truly enjoy running and how it makes me feel. I have participated in plenty of road races and last year I completed my first Boston Marathon. While it was one hardest things I have ever done, one of the reasons that made it special was knowing that I was raising money for a great cause. Similarly, I feel incredibly grateful to be able to participate in the New York City Marathon on behalf of LuMind IDSC Foundation and fundraise for this important organization that supports Down syndrome research.

LuMind IDSC envisions a world where every person with Down syndrome thrives with improved health, independence, and opportunities to reach their fullest potential. Through this type fundraising, they are able to accelerate research to increase availability of therapeutic, diagnostic, and medical care options and we empower families through education, connections, and support. Being able to run the New York City Marathon is a wonderful privilege and I am so excited to be able to support an organization that has such a positive impact of people with Down syndrome.

Please help support my goal of raising $3,000 for LuMind IDSC Foundation. Every donation is greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your support – another 26.2 miles coming up November 6th, 2022!

With gratitude,