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tmed marathon

Julianna Morrone

julianna m. pic 2Running started out as a way to stay in shape during my college years, but very quickly became more than just a cardio workout for me. I would always joke how I love to hate it and hate to love it. The more I began running, the more running I wanted to do. The further I ran, the farther I wanted to run. To be able to run in the TCS New York City Marathon is a dream come true, and an experience I will cherish each moment of. Being able to run for LuMind IDSC, an organization who does so much for our friends and family members with Down Syndrome makes this experience all the more special for me.

As a nurse, I am inspired by an organization that provides so much support for the Down syndrome community. I went into the field of nursing to be able to serve others and to empower each one of my patients despite any challenge they must overcome. As a labor and delivery nurse, I am blessed to be supporting families throughout the labor and postpartum processes. I have learned that the saying, “if there’s a will, there’s a way,” usually holds true, whether that be running across a finish line, or supporting a patient through a challenging circumstance.

The feeling of empowerment can be all the difference, which is why LuMind IDSC is such a special organization. They empower those with Down syndrome. I am beyond excited and grateful to be running with the LuMind IDSC and raising funding to provide those with Down syndrome greater opportunities, independence, support, and healthcare through extensive research and resources.

julianna m. pic 3

To be able to support such a wonderful foundation, I am asking all of you, family, and friends, for your support as well. Please consider making a donation.

Combining my love for running with my passion for providing care and empowerment to others is the perfect circumstance to carry me across the finish line on November 6th, 2022. I express my gratitude in advance for any and all donations for the LuMind IDSC, and I look forward to running 26.2 in NYC this fall!

Best – Jules!