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tmed marathon

Mark Choate

mark choateI am excited to announce I was accepted onto the LuMind IDSC Charity team participating in the BMW Berlin Marathon. LuMind IDSC envisions a world where every person with Down syndrome thrives with improved health, independence, and opportunities to reach their fullest potential. The “my321” you see above represents Trisomy 21, the cause of 95% of Down Syndrome cases—occurs when there are three copies of the 21st chromosome, instead of two.

Did you know?
 With medical advances and better healthcare, people with Down Syndrome are living longer and nearly 90,000 of those aging in the United States are now over 30. 50% will be affected by dementia caused by Alzheimer’s at age 55, 70% at age 55-60, and 95% at age 68. In the general population, only 12% of people over the age of 65 are affected by dementia caused by Alzheimer’s.

The above statistic is astonishing. I’ve committed to raise $3,000 by October 15, 2021! I appreciate any contribution you can make to support LuMind IDSC in advancing Down Syndrome Research!

Please use the donate button below to make a donation.

Thank you!