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The LuMind IDSC Growing Opportunities (GO!) Fund was established in celebration of our 15th Anniversary to support emerging research priorities, build responsive community resources for caregivers, and further groundbreaking work in Down syndrome research.

This fund will provide annual unrestricted support that can be allocated wherever the need is greatest to advance our mission.


Making a Difference for Families Today

Connect a community of 275,000 caregivers, families, and friends with one another for support, advice and community through Facebook page and 16 support groups.

Host over 4,500 people at the Annual Family Weekend across 19 Great Wolf Lodge locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Launched myDSC, a new online community program with a free growing library of trusted multimedia resources, webinars, podcasts, access to healthcare experts, research, and trials on a personalized homepage tailored to the age of the member’s loved one and selected caregiver interests.

Engage research, medical, and pharmaceutical communities and pioneer partnerships to prioritize the medical needs of people with Down syndrome.

Advancing Tomorrow’s Treatments

Funding research since 2004 leading to advanced understanding of Down syndrome and potential therapeutic, diagnostic, and medical care options.

  • $85M in direct & concurrent funding
  • 19 clinical trials, 1,400+ participants
  • 10 new therapeutic targets identified and 4 assessment scales
  • Expanded Down Syndrome Clinical Trials Network (DS-CTN) to 14 sites
  • Funded T21RS COVID Task Force Survey including 800+ participants
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