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3.21.24 is World Down Syndrome Day

Dear Friends and Family,

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st, and I plan to swim 32.1 miles from March 1st to March 21st in honor of that day. Will you back me? If I can get at least 100 of my family, friends, and followers to each contribute $50 for my swim, benefiting LuMind IDSC to support their battle against the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease for those of us living with DS.

This disease is running rampant through my friends and some of my colleagues who live with Down Syndrome. I want to fight as hard as I can and as long as I can to stop that! New medications are coming on line, but those of us with DS cannot get access to those. LuMind IDSC is committed to turning that around. They are devoting significant time and effort to work on many fronts to STOP the attack of early onset Alzheimer’s disease that is the number one killer of people living with DS.

We’ve come way too far overcoming obstacles and barriers in our lives to lose it all to Alzheimer’s Disease. Please help me save lives through your contribution.

Thank you – Karen

Support Karen's Fundraiser

Karen posing with President and CEO, LuMind IDSC Foundation, Hampus Hillerstrom and LuMind IDSC Foundation Co-Founders, Jim and Patty White

Karen posing with LuMind IDSC Foundation Board Member LaSandra Brill and her daughter.

Karen speaking to supporters and members of the Down syndrome community